You know what they say about making an Omelette and breaking eggs? Well its also bloody hard to take a decent photo of 'perfect' eggs whilst your cooking your breakfast outside and trying to juggle an iPhone! Here is what people have said about us. Enjoy!

What the press have to say:

  • “There are two things that the Cotswolds do very well – game and entrepreneurial spirit … Eat Wild serves the sort of trendy London dude food that other establishments in the area have tried and failed, to replicate – but with a decidedly Cotswolds twist … an inspired edition to the Ciren scene” CRUMBS Magazine

  • “When you do manage to cross the threshold however, you’ll be glad you did – Eat Wild is just superb… the interior is achingly cool ... these Cotswolds siblings are definitely ones to watch” Country Life Magazine

  • “… Cirencester’s trendiest eatery…” SoGlos Magazine


  • “There’s good food and then there’s filthy-good messy, stretch your gob kinda food. Eat Wild in Cirencester is definitely the latter” The Travel Hack

What you have to say:

  •  “My favourite eatery in Cirencester” – SianLouT
  • “Very unique … Probably the best Sticky Toffee I have ever had…” Alan S
  •  “All I can say about Eat Wild is that the food is AMAZEBALLS!!” Susie Wilts 8/316
  •  “But why I really love this restaurant is its laidback approach…” Foodiemaund 23/2/16
  • “Certainly the most honest, entertaining and soul restoring place to eat in the Cotswolds” John C 23/2/16
  •  “The lads running Eat Wild are deservedly gaining a great reputation for fantastic gourmet burgers” JohnP_Wiltshire
  • “If I opened a restaurant I would want it to be like Eat Wild. Its welcoming, relaxed and the food is delicious” Kim 19/2/16
  •  “Can’t recommend this place highly enough. Fantastic locally sourced food and superb friendly atmosphere” frenchbone 5/2/16
  •  “So refreshing to go somewhere relaxed but professional … we cant recommend them highly enough” Cheltonian83 5/2/16